Gondwana Audition Course for Choristers

NECOM will again be offering the Gondwana Audition Course for choristers preparing for upcoming auditions for Gondwana Choirs and the 2018 National Choral School. Established by Lyn Williams OAM in 1997, Gondwana Choirs is the leader in Australian choral performance for talented young choristers. Its annual National Choral School offers an intensive residential 2-week camp for choristers aged 10-26 years to participate in rehearsals, performances and workshops with leading choral conductors, composers and singers.

The course will be run by Russell Bauer and Corinne Arter and is comprised of 4 x 1-hour sessions on Thursdays from August 3 in the lead up to the Gondwana auditions on Saturday 26 August at NECOM. The course will familiarise students with the aural and sight singing components of the audition and will cover:

 Aural memory exercises, commencing with simple intervals and progressing to short melodic phrases

  • Recognising keys on the score
  • Singing and holding your part whilst another part is played over the top
  • Graded sight singing exercises
  • How to practise at home with the Mark O’Leary Sight Singing School on-line resources (included in the course fee).

The National Choral School will be held on 8-21 January 2018 at the University of NSW, Sydney with all choristers in residence at Kensington Colleges.  For more information and details on how to register for auditions: http://gondwana.org.au

For all enquiries, please contact Corinne Arter at corinne@necom.org.au or 67882139.


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